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Happy 120th Anniversary Glen Moray! Part 2: Graham Coull Q&A

Back in September we joined single malt Scotch whisky maker Glen Moray to mark the distillery’s 120th anniversary. While we were there we caught up with distillery manager Graham Coull to discuss how Glen Moray – and the wider industry – has changed during his 12 years in role.

Time flies when you’re having fun. This is possibly the most belated follow-up post ever – Glen Moray’s epic 120th anniversary bash feels like it was yesterday, but in fact took place back in September. We just wanted to extend the celebrations!

You can catch up on events and get a feel for Glen Moray’s history in this earlier post. While we were up in Scotland with the Glen Moray team we grabbed 10 minutes with Graham Coull, only the fifth distillery manager in the brand’s long history. He took the helm in 2005, when Glen Moray was still owned by the Glenmorangie Company. The distillery was taken over by French drinks group La Martiniquaise in 2008 – and if you think September to November 2017 zipped past, it’s extraordinary just how much has happened at Glen Moray under Coull’s tenure.

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Spirit of Yorkshire unveils its first creation – a one year old blend!

Spirit of Yorkshire

Earlier this year we introduced you to dynamic English whisky distillery, Spirit of Yorkshire. To pacify impatient fans (ourselves included!) as its single malt comes of age, the independent producer has released a one year old blended spirit. We called whisky director Joe Clark for the lowdown…

Spirit of Yorkshire has stirred excitement among whisky fans since it fired up its stills in May 2016, and with good reason. Headed up by experienced brewer, farmer (and now distiller) Tom Mellor and longtime friend David Thompson, the “grain-to-glass” operation is as localised as it gets.


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Gin Magazine: Read up on all things juniper!

While digital is a medium we’ve all come to depend upon for the latest booze news, there’s nothing quite like settling down with a cocktail in hand and thumbing through a magazine. If you’re seeking a new read filled to the brim with junipery goodness, you’re in luck! Introducing Gin Magazine…

Yesterday evening we donned our finery and flocked to Merchant House, where Paragraph Publishing, creator of the World Drinks Awards, presented its brand-spanking-new global title, which will be available quarterly.


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The Oxford Artisan Distillery: Medieval grains and steam engine stills

The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Oxford’s first (legal) distillery is here, and it’s taking a pioneering approach to sustainable spirits. We visited The Oxford Artisan Distillery to find out why the team began distilling gin, whisky, absinthe and more using medieval grains.

Though it officially opened at the end of July, it could be said that the essence of The Oxford Artisan Distillery dates back centuries. Established by former music mogul Tom Nicolson, the “grain-to-glass” operation is the first of its kind to distill spirits using grains that were commonplace in Britain in the Middle Ages – before the rise of industrial agriculture and the monocultures grown today – all hailing from four organic farms within a 50-mile radius of Oxford.

It’s a process that could only be possible with the know-how of Canadian archaeo-botanist John Letts, who set about meticulously reviving these historic crops in 1993 after he was gifted a bag of medieval wheat rescued from a thatched cottage. He started with “a handful, because the seeds were dead”, and initially cultivated the grain to develop high quality straw for thatchers, before turning to flour and finally – after a chance meeting with Nicholson at a farmers’ market – booze.


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Win a trip to Skye with Talisker!

  • WIN an extraordinary adventure to the Isle of Skye and Talisker distillery with a plus-one!
  • Enjoy Talisker 10 Year Old at a reduced price of £29.95 until Christmas!
  • Enter our Instagram competition for a chance to win a bottle of Talisker 18 Year Old!
  • We’ve teamed up with Island single malt Scotch whisky Talisker to channel the spirit of adventure – with one lucky winner (and an even luckier plus-one) set to nab a two-night trip to Skye to discover the iconic distillery!


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    #WhiskySanta’s Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar Super Wish!

    #WhiskySanta’s giving away an Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar to somebody who wishes for one this week!

    After all the excitement of giving away a signed bottle of Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1990 last week, I’ve got a taste for Super Wishes (a bit like after I eat my first mince pie of the year – I just can’t stop myself from scarfing down the whole box). As such, I’m very eager indeed to announce my second Super Wish of 2017… This week, I’m giving away not just a Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar, not even ‘just’ one of their Premium Whisky Advent Calendars, but one of their Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendars worth almost £1,000!


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    An apology from #WhiskySanta

    Hi Everyone,

    We’re really really sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that WhiskySanta got into the sherry with a little too much gusto yesterday evening and has been a touch over-generous when hitting the “free order” button at the Master of Malt checkout.

    We’re afraid therefore that if you got an order for free within the last 24 hours, you may get an email shortly explaining that it was in error.

    We know how disappointing this is, and we are *incredibly* sorry.  Anyone who wants to cancel their order will, of course, be able to do so.

    We’re going to be offering £10 gift vouchers to anyone caught up in this by way of apology for the mistake, and these will be given whether or not people choose to cancel their orders.

    Normal service will be resumed shortly.


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    Checkout using Amazon Pay and you might get your shopping for free!

    #WhiskySanta is giving away hundreds of orders completely free to people who checkout with Amazon Pay!

    Amazon Pay has been available on Master of Malt for many moons now. Have you tried it? When you checkout, the Amazon Pay option allows you to use cards and delivery addresses saved with Amazon, offering you another way to quickly, easily and securely pay for your Master of Malt orders without the need to retype a bunch of details you’ve already punched into the interwebs elsewhere.

    As an added incentive to try it out, I’ll be giving away hundreds of orders – worth tens of thousands of pounds – to Master of Malt customers who checkout with Amazon Pay as part of my festive gift-giving this Christmas!

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    Lagavulin 8 Year Old becomes a permanent fixture!

    Lagavulin 8 Year Old

    Launched last year to mark the beginning of the Islay distillery’s 200th anniversary celebrations, Lagavulin 8 Year Old woo-ed Scotch whisky fans far and wide with its peaty deliciousness.

    It would be a shame to see it expire… And alas, we won’t! Because Lagavulin has decided to add the whisky to its rather roomy core range, which currently consists of its famed 16 year old variant and annual Distillers Edition release.

    Should you be interested, the tale behind Lagavulin 8 Year Old is an unusual one. The celebratory bottling was created in tribute to Britain’s most famous Victorian whisky writer, Alfred Barnard, who sampled an eight year old Lagavulin whisky during a visit to Islay in the late 1880s.


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    A double win for Master of Malt at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017!

    Last night we were absolutely delighted to be named Online Retailer of the Year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards for the second year running – so you can imagine our jubilance when moments later we were named Digital Business of the Year Medium – Large!

    It was high-fives and Champagne all round at Plaisterers’ Hall in London last night, and for good reason. A double win at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards (DEAs) is not to be sniffed at – they’re the longest-standing national tech awards in the UK, and they exist to champion outstanding technology businesses across all sectors (not just retail). They’re huge!


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